WC9 posters & presentations
Scientific Contribution
Topical Toxicity- Skin
Meeting new regulatory challenges following the cosmetic ingredients ban – Cosmetics Europe’s research program on alternatives
Computational modeling and chem-informatics
Skin sensitization
Genotoxicity / Carcinogenicity
3Rs in academic education, training programs and anticipated needs
Regulatory acceptance of alternatives
Regulatory Acceptance
Topical toxicity - Eye
Repeated dose toxicity
In vitro disease models-skin
J. Cotovio, Predictive Models & Methods

Tissue Engineering & Alternatives Methods

Agrostat 2016 is the 14th Symposium on Statistical Methods for the Food Industry (Lausanne, Switzerland 21st-24th March 2016). L’Oréal Research & Innovation was proud to sponsor this congress.

Discover our contributions for Sensometrics, Chemometrics and Risk & Process oral sessions.