Green Chemistry France ISCG 2017
Since more than 17 years, L’Oréal has implemented the Green Chemistry Principles, methods and metrics in order to increase the percentage of renewable raw materials in its portfolio. This commitment is integrated into our sustainable development program Sharing Beauty With All : the use of green chemistry-compliant raw materials in the new formulas and the reduction of the environmental impact of the new formulas and products by 2020.

We are constantly progressing with a continuous improvement of our existing raw materials and processes, and the development of new ingredients. Beyond the use of renewable feedstocks and eco-respectful processes leading to ingredients with favorable impact, it is vital to move forwards a more sustainable innovation model with the strong collaboration of all of our suppliers. For instance we are committed to improve traceability and production of the agricultural raw materials used as starting materials for the synthesis of the final ingredients.

It means that we have to use as feedstocks more and more by-products already existing as biomass, wastes as we do for instance with the use of pulp and paper by-products such as saccharides (xylose, rhamnose, mannose…) coming from hemicellulose.

In addition, our consumers are expecting us to be committed to minimize our environmental footprint and offer truly greener and more sustainable products. At ISCG 2017 we will give examples of methods to eco-design our future innovative ingredients, describe the use of various renewable feedstocks including by-products, and finally, show the large interest of chemical catalysis and biocatalysis for the eco-respectful synthesis of new sustainable ingredients.

Michel Philippe, L’Oréal R&I

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J. Cotovio, Predictive Models & Methods

Tissue Engineering & Alternatives Methods

EPA and L’Oréal announce three-year collaboration research collaboration on toxicity forecast. EPA’s chemical toxicity forecaster, ToxCast™ program could enrich the set of predictive /alternative methods developed by L’Oréal Research & Innovation for 30 years.

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