Predictive Evaluation Strategy
Predict, imagine, innovate. In compliance with quality, effectiveness, safety and sincerity
Strong research needs the power of anticipation. Its ability to project into the future, to prepare to provide an early answer to the aspirations of consumers and the challenges of the society of tomorrow. This is the only way of keeping innovation at the highest level.

This new center is the culmination of a 30-year commitment to evaluating the safety and efficacy of our products. We built the L’Oréal Predictive Evaluation Center because our consumers throughout the world want innovative products that are safe and effective, and that they can use in complete confidence. This center is unique in the world – it is the first in the cosmetics industry and bases its work on latest generation predictive testing.

In order to predict earlier and more accurately, the teams at the L’Oréal Predictive Evaluation Center will use a data heritage unique in the world, the fruit of over 100 years’ Research in cosmetics. They will also use leading-edge technologies, such as tissue engineering, modeling and computational toxicology. Reconstructed skin is, of course, a key element in this system.

Over the last thirty years, our investment in this field has been of the order of 30 million Euros per year and alone, Gerland represents an investment of 16 million Euros over 10 years. It prefigures a new vision of innovation and ethical and active beauty, where before the product or ingredient is even designed, we can predict its efficacy and safety using tests that are nothing like what we used to do before.

L’Oréal can now predict earlier, more accurately and more efficiently. In a future world, we will be able to predict safety without recourse to animals, and perhaps one day, efficacy for human without having to go through without clinical trials.

Laurent Attal, Executive Vice President, L’Oréal Research & Innovation

J. Cotovio, Predictive Models & Methods

Tissue Engineering & Alternatives Methods

Agrostat 2016 is the 14th Symposium on Statistical Methods for the Food Industry (Lausanne, Switzerland 21st-24th March 2016). L’Oréal Research & Innovation was proud to sponsor this congress.

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