Abstracts & posters
World Hair Research Congress 2015
International Cosmetic Science Meeting (IFSCC 2015), Switzerland
Indian Dermatology Meeting - Dermcon 2015
Acute Oral Toxicity Webinar 2015
Toxicological Alternatives & Translational Toxicology Conference, China
Asian Beauty and Cosmetics congress
7th Chinese SOT (Chinese Society of Toxicology) 2015
Green Chemistry World – Convention & Ecosystem 2015, Mumbai, India
Info-French Seminar on Green Chemistry – Hyderabad 2015, India
SOT 2015
Society of Toxicology Meeting took place in March 2015 in San Diego, USA
IFSCC 2014
This international Cosmetic Science Meeting took place in October 2014 in Paris.

Some highlights:
- Beauty and Life Sciences
- Beauty and Surface Shield : Psychicochemistry
- Beauty and Protective Strategies within the Skin
- Beauty and Society
- Beauty and Colors
- Beauty and Sensoriality
The 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Toxicology (SOT 2014) and ToxExpo will take place in Phoenix, Arizona in March 23rd-27th, 2014
The 9th World Congress on the Alternatives and Animal Use in Life Sciences

The 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Life Sciences will take place in Prague, Czech Republic in August 24th-28th, 2014
The 6th National Congress of Chinese Society of Toxicology

The 6th National Congress of Chinese Society of Toxicology took place in November 11th-15th in Guangzhou.
A special session on Alternative Methods was held on November 14th with the CDC, CAIQ, ECVAM and industry speakers.
L’Oréal presented 9 posters in Toxicity Testing Strategies and Toxicology Alternative Methods session.
2013 SOT San Antonio
52nd Annual Meeting of Society of Toxicology and Tox Expo, San Antonio, Texas, USA

The 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Toxicology (SOT 2013) and ToxExpoTM took place in San Antonio, Texas, last March 10th to 14th, 2013. L’Oréal researchers and their scientific partners presented 5 posters and held one oral presentation in the following sessions: Biotransformation/Cytochrome P450, Skin, Alternative Models Eye and Skin, Regulatory Policy: Programs and Approaches and Alternative High-Throughput models II.

L’Oréal Asia Pacific Safety Evaluation team presented a poster in the session Natural Products, in vitro. Moreover, one session was co-chaired by one of our Advanced Research Scientist.
2012 ESTIV
European Society of Toxicology in vitro

The European Society of Toxicology in vitro congress (ESTIV 2012) was held in October 16-19, 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. L'Oréal Research & Innovation was honored to be a Gold Sponsor of this event.

Two sessions were co-chaired by our Advanced Research scientists (dermal toxicity and dermal sensitization).

Four oral presentations and five poster presentations were held in the following topics : Dermal toxicity, Ocular Toxicity, systemic Toxicity, Computational Toxicity & Toxicokinetics and Dermal Sensitization.

Discover our abstracts and full presentation files in Scientific Contributions.
2012 COLAMA Brazil
The 1st Latin American congress of alternative methodes to the use of animals in education, research and industry (Rio de Janeiro-Niteroi, Brazil).
51st Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology

The 51th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Toxicology (SOT 2012) took place in San Francisco in Marche 2012

L'Oréal researchers and their scientific partners presented 21 posters in the following sessions: Safety Evaluation (Natural Ingredients, Non-pharmaceuticals, Alternatives to Mammalian Models/ for Dermal Toxicity), Skin Sensitization (Hypersensitivity), Computational and Skin Toxicology, and Liver and Model Systems.

L'Oréal US Safety Evaluation team chaired the Alternative Approaches to Safety Assessment of Natural Ingredient workshop, and also presented during this session the following topic: Application of in silico Approaches in Cosmetics - Juniper Berry Oil.
European Society on Alternatives to Animal Testing

The 14th Annual congress of the EUSAAT and the 17th the European congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing will be held in Linz/Austria in September 2012.
50th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology took place in March 2011 in Washington.
L'Oréal R&I presented 15 posters in 7 sessions: Risk Assessment: Computational approaches, Analyses and Applications, Skin, Alternative to Mammalian Models for Testing, Safety and Risk Assessment: Critical Characterizations for Chemicals and New Concerns, and Alternatives to Animal Models in Toxicology.
The 8th World Congress on the Alternative Methods in the Life

The 8th World Congress on the Alternative Methods in the Life Sciences took place in August2011 in Washington.
L'Oréal was on of the congress' sponsors and main scientific contributors. Our Scientists presented more than 20 posters, 5 oral presentations and co-chaired 2 scientific sessions in a wide range of scientific sessions and themes, such as Safety and Efficacy Testing of Chemicals with a focus on Eye Irritation, 3Rs approach in Basic Research with a zoom on Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering, Novel Methodologies, in silico, Toxicology of tomorrow, Ecotoxicology, as well as all stakes and findings in the Skin Sensitization field.

Out of 600 posters presented at the Congress, the award in the Theme V: Replacement and Reduction in Basic Research went to L'Oréal R&I! Congratulations to L'Oréal R&I, and to our partner CeeTox.

J. Cotovio, Predictive Models & Methods

Tissue Engineering & Alternatives Methods

Agrostat 2016 is the 14th Symposium on Statistical Methods for the Food Industry (Lausanne, Switzerland 21st-24th March 2016). L’Oréal Research & Innovation was proud to sponsor this congress.

Discover our contributions for Sensometrics, Chemometrics and Risk & Process oral sessions.